Pack lightly; one large suitcase with a carry-on is ideal.  Casual wear is perfect, except for formal nights, theme nights, and restaurants that require full-length pants & collared shirts.

Important Information Bag:
Keep passport, air tickets, travel insurance documents, contact numbers and any other important information together in a bag for easy access. Carry it with you on your flights. Place these important documents in the rooms safe.

Carry-On Items/Ideas:
Important information bag with passports and tickets, valuables, jewelry, prescription medicines, camera, film, computer, phone, sunglasses, eye glasses/contacts, change of clothes, swimsuit and sun lotion. Towels, irons or hair dryers are items generally available at the resort.

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Passports Eye Glasses Sunscreen (lotion and stick)
ID’s Contacts / cleaning solution Sunglasses
Air Tickets Sun hat or visor
Vacation Vouchers Jewelry Ear / Nose plugs
Travel Insurance Perfume Floats
Contact Numbers Nail Polish & Remover Swim Bands
Credit Cards Face / Body Cream Beach & Pool toys
Cash (airport tipping) Make Up Water goggles
Travelers Checks
Hand Sanitizer Tooth Brush Toys (ex. Barbie dolls / cars)
Umbrella stroller Tooth Paste Night Time Books
Coloring Books
Cell Phone Deodorant Playing cards / Travel games
Cell Charger Soap
Camera Soap Sponge Diapers
Video Camera Razors Swim diapers
Underwater Camera Shaving Cream Baby wipes
Memory Cards After Shave Rash cream
Batteries Bottles
DVD Player Shampoo Formula
DVD Movies Conditioner Baby food
MP3 player Hair Cream & Gel Pacifier
IPod Blow dryer (higher power) Comfy toy
Curling Iron
Light Jacket or Sweater Hair Bands & Clips
Tops Hair Spray Diving Certificate Card
Pants Brush / Comb Golf clubs
Shorts Golf Shoes
Dresses Socks
Dress Clothes for Gourmet Restaurants Shoes Snacks (airport, transfer rides, hotel nap time)
Men:  Collared Shirt, Closed Toed Shoe Flip-flops or Sandals
PJ’s Workout Outfit w/Shoes White T-Shirts (tie-dye craft)

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